Aktivitetsdosetten is changing the pattern of long-term care by positioning activity as a treatment, rather than solely a therapy for the elderly.

Through shifting practices in nursing homes across Norway, Aktivitetsdosetten is enabling the individual to become the focal point of care. The system draws on the elderly’s individual assets and experience so the quality of life for both patients and nursing home staff improves.Despite consistent development of medical treatment and technical aid for the elderly, Aktivitetsdosetten, responds to the shortage of new thinking and practice around activity as a critical tool for a meaningful and healthy end of life. Aktivitetsdosetten can ensure a future in which the long term care workforce is more satisfied with their work, patients are newly empowered, and families and volunteers can more easily connect with their loved ones.

Through training head- and regular nurses from long term care facilities across Norway as Activity Doctors, the approach is leading a new kind of empathetic workforces who feel motivated by the power of activity to reduce the needs for pharmaceuticals and improve life quality. In Aktivitetsdosetten, the elderly have a central role in their own life by working with the care staff and Activity doctors to design a plan for activities that align with their own interests and life experience. Aktivitetsdosetten is approaching the nursing homes with the same medical framework they are accustomed to, yet with a new purpose of using these existing structures to systematically introduce activity into treatment as they already do medicine.

Aktivitetsdosetten moves responsibility for the life quality of the elderly out of the hands of the nursing staff alone. Through its systematic use of activity in treatment and the daily schedules of
the elderly, it is creating new opportunities for family members, friends, and volunteers to interact with their loved ones. Simultaneously the elderly feel a new sense of control and entitlement to their own life, and the staff enjoys a more meaningful work and impact.